Security management

Security management is a solution for analyzing, collecting and storing data on company’s activities in the field of cybersecurity.

Security Management

provides unification of separate security systems responsible for protection of network, data, users and endpoints.  After the unification into a single complex, personnel will have access to IT security overview, which is crucial for decision-making process based on current and future risks.

Advantages of Security


Threat prevention


Risk management


Ability to take prompt actions in case of incidents

Absence of risk management tools may result in:


Security system breach


Targeted attacks that cannot be tracked by anti-virus and firewall


No means to indicate root cause and possible aftermath of security incidents


Waste of financial resources on IT security

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Our team consists of certified specialists with vast experience in implementing projects of varying complexity. We provide high-quality performance of our services to our customers.


We offer free-of-charge training for customer’s employees.


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and terms

The cost and time scales of the implementation are calculated individually for each customer and depend on the size of IT infrastructure and technology used.


Security Management requires at a minimum 2 weeks for implementation. It is followed by adjustments, integration with current security systems and adaptation of the solution to customer’s requirements. 

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