Security Operation Center

Building an operational cybersecurity center.

SOC is for every organization the point where all the operational information on the state of security and events that affect the cybersecurity of a business flocks.

Why is SOC necessary?

For business, SOC is a center of competence and operational decision-making on all cybersecurity issues. Building SOC dozens of times speeds up the work of information security and IT departments in responding to critical situations and makes it more coherent and efficient. By integrating the entire infrastructure into one cybersecurity event, vulnerability, knowledge and incident management platform, SOC becomes a provider of valuable information about information systems and the entire infrastructure, which is used by IT and business units to better understand what is happening.

SOC goals and objectives

  • Reducing the cost of information security and achieving transparency
  • Decrease in losses from the implementation of incidents
  • Reducing the risks of cybersecurity
  • Improving the stability and security of the
  • infrastructure from unauthorized interference
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, easy compliance control

Results for business

    • Reduced downtime
    • Visualization of what business needs
    • A clearer understanding of the role of information security in the company
    • The effectiveness of investing in information security
    • Security metrics (traffic light)
    • Reduced compliance costs

Our advantages

Since 2018, our company has an independent SOC, which serves commercial customers according to the Managed SOC scheme. Our team has unique experience in countering targeted attacks, stopping mass infections, investigating complex incidents, and identifying new “wild” malware samples.

We serve companies of different sizes from different areas. We are trusted by government agencies, trade and logistics networks, manufacturing enterprises, banking and financial, fintech and telecommunications companies.

Among our esteemed clients are represented such leaders in their areas as:

Certified Professionals

The specialists of our company undergo annual training and certification from world leaders in the field of IT. Now we have 120 valid certificates.
All competence In-House


Our team has been successfully implementing SIEM information security event monitoring systems in Ukraine and Eastern Europe for more than 6 years


The entire project of building an SOC from signing the contract to launching all processes takes from 3 to 6 months.

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