Pentest is a service for indicating vulnerabilities and analyzing ability of IT infrastructure or applications to withstand attacks. The test predicts successfulness of possible attacks and provides crucial data for building the strategy for effective cybersecurity.

Why is it important?

The penetration test prevents economic and reputational losses by building effective information protection

Pentest is used to evaluate the level of IT infrastructure’ security

Pentest can be used for evaluating the security level of both IT infrastructure and various business applications.


After conducting the test, our specialist draft report that contains data on all found vulnerabilities alongside with recommendations on their elimination. Pentest provides important data for both engineering personnel and management. 

Stages of pentest




Open source intelligence, OSINT


Data acquisition


Data analysis




Demonstration, discussing of the results


Check for elimination of vulnerabilities

It is recommended to run pentest twice a year, following implementation of new systems or after significant changes in current ones. We offer discount for a second pentest.

Why us?

There are many different ways to ensure cyber security of an IT infrastructure. Ensure the reliability of this protection is possible only with the help of specially trained specialists


Our team consists of certified specialists with vast experience in implementing projects of varying complexity. We provide high-quality performance of our services to our customers.


IT Specialist completed a significant number of pentest projects.

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