Company IT Specialist conducts certification for international standard PCI DSS for all types of business

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certification for all types of businesses from small online store or coffee house to bank or trading network

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We offer full support for our customers on the stages of preparation, audit and after certification

Benefits of PCI DSS certification


In an era of intense competition, the leakage of sensitive data can lead to extremely negative business consequences. Compliance with PSI DSS standards allows to significantly minimize risks

Compliance with

The PCI DSS standard is common in all EU countries and is necessary for legitimate business conduct


The security of information and customer money is directly related to the company's reputation. If, due to negligence, the client lost money, the reputation of the company that would allow this to happen due to a mismatch with the PCI DSS

After studying the Internet resources of Ukraine on the topic of PCI DSS certification, it becomes clear that there are practically no websites that would tell small, medium and large businesses about the PCI DSS standard and the need to protect payment card data in a simple, accessible language.

In 2017, we started a project dedicated specifically to PCI DSS certification. The website contains all necessary information on the certificate and how we can help you to get certified.

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