Security of network infrastructure

Unprotected networks are vulnerable to such threats as malware distribution, data leak or forgery, remote shutdown of IT systems.


All recent attacks such as Petya and WannaCry ended up being successful due to absence of secured IT infrastructure and network.

Implementing security of network infrastructure will foremost benefit:


Financial institutions


Insurance companies


Mass media


Government departments

A set of solutions to protect the network IT infrastructure identifies information that indicates malicious, viral activity and penetration attempts and discovers an earlier penetration into the network.

You can try to protect the network yourself, configure the rules on each computer and server individually and install programs to protect against intrusion, but this approach will have a low effect.

Security of network infrastructure is necessary for:


Prevention of hacker attacks on the infrastructure


Information flow management




Detection of malware activity and other deviations

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We offer free of charge Check-Up solution to our new customers. It is used to estimate security level of the network infrastructure. 

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