Data leak prevention

Information is one of the most valuable assets for any business. This includes blueprints, patents, concepts of technology, marketing strategies, employees’ personal data, financial reports, etc.

The loss or leakage of such data may lead to major problems for a business such as financial or reputational losses. It is necessary to ensure high level of data protection from leak and loss to avoid abovementioned negative outcomes.

Why is this important

In 2018, European Union adopted new regulations in the field of information security named General Data Protection Regulation. It stipulates that each company engaged in activity on the territory of EU and collecting personal data of its’ customers, is obliged to take care of data leak prevention and control over access to the abovementioned data.

InfoWatch reported the following: for the first half-year of 2017, only open sources registered 925 incidents related to leakage of personal or credit card data, which is equal to 7,78 billion of records.

According to information analysis center Zecurion, financial losses most likely exceeded 50 billion dollars in 2017. WannaCry virus affected big number of companies.  In aggregate, the virus led to many billions dollars of losses all over the globe.

This all proves information became more valuable than ever, while the fact that ransomware is now one of hackers’ favorite tools clearly indicates that companies do not invest enough funds in cybersecurity making their IT infrastructure vulnerable to such threats.

It is worth noting that the statistics do not reflect the fact that data leak is relevant for businesses of any size – from small online stores and delivery services to banks and transnational corporations

How to protect your business?

There are three global threats and protection against them:


Data Leak Prevention ensures categorization, control of data and its sharing


Data Backup is responsible for creating, managing and storing copies of critical data that can be restored if necessary.


Data Encryption allows to protect data stored on physical media (laptops, flash and hard drives). The solution controls access to data, granting it only to employees who are allowed to view it

Our offer

IT Specialist offers software developed by the best companies in the industry combined by unique experience of our engineers. Thus, we have a possibility to develop solutions of any difficulty and in accordance with any goals of your business.

We are glad to offer you data leak & loss prevention solutions from the world best developers:

Why us?


We use modern methods of project management such as critical chain project management (CCPM) and the theory of constrains (TOC).


Specific software ensures flexible and adequate control over implementation of the project.


Our engineers pay due attention to generating reports and all necessary documentation on a process of solution implementation as well as sharing experience and knowledge with employees of our customers.


We offer 24/7 support.

and terms

The cost of the solution is calculated individually for each customer in accordance with range of functions, choice of particular product, model of threats and other factors.

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