Enterprise Service Bus

Integration of information systems and business applications


ESB ensures

 flexible and reliable data sharing between the company’s departments and their relevant IT systems, as well as transformation, routing of information and interactions control.

Using this solution

is one of the competitive advantages, all other things being equal

Advantages of the solution:



Less time required for completion of business processes and data exchange between departments and company’s information systems



Facilitation of IT infrastructure adjustments to rapidly changing market conditions



Increased employees’ efficiency due to delegation of part of their routine duties to ESB


Human factor

Reduce the impact of human factor on company's performance


Medium business


Big business

The relevance of this solution depends on the size of the company. The most relevant data integration bus will be for big and medium businesses

How it works?

Enterprise Service Bus can be implemented as a purely software solution or as a software-hardware complex.

The choice between abovementioned options depends on a number of requirements, such as required level of reliability, safety, processing speed, as well as current customer’s hardware complex, company’s financial policy, qualification of employees and required functionality of the solution.

Most often, the software-hardware complex is implemented to provide interoperability between company’s systems that are deployed on different sides of IT infrastructure: internal (Back-End) and external environment (Front-end). It can also be used to provide access to internal resources from the outside (for example, when working with mobile applications).

Software-hardware complex IBM DataPower Secure Gateway is the example of the abovementioned solution:


Lines of business

An integration appliance speeds B2B integration projects and bridges the gap between LOB and IT Core


Core IT processes

Our advantages


Our team has vast experience in implementing projects of varying complexity

Reference visit

At your desire, we organize a reference visit to demonstrate the implementation of our solutions


After implementation, we organize technical support, and also ensure the development and scaling of the data bus integration

The cost
and time

The cost and timing of the implementation of the data bus integration is calculated individually and depends on the amount of information transferred, the number of integrated systems, the complexity of integration, the urgency of the work.

Deployment of the data integration bus in the client’s IT infrastructure takes place within a week. The exact timeframe for the implementation of the project is discussed in consultation with our specialists.

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