Application Performance Monitoring

APM is a solution for monitoring the performance and availability of critical business applications.

APM is used for:

Tracking user experience, level of user satisfaction and various errors

Performance monitoring and bottlenecks detection in server transactions

Tracking integration problems between different systems

Determining the source of performance issues


  • Higher service quality;
  • Less time required to find errors and take actions
  • Less time required to fix issues by about 3 times, as APM performs problem recreation and determines the root cause
  • Higher user satisfaction will trigger increase in retention rate and lifetime value
  • Reduced workload of call-center or customer support
  • Absence of APM can cause business applications failing to provide customers with required level of service, and this, in turn, leads to financial and reputation losses.

How it works?

APM is a software and hardware complex that is implemented as a service

Main benefit

APM is a software and hardware complex that is implemented as a service. It is important that the monitoring system allow different internal departments (administrators, developers, business users) to speak the same language.

Analysis and recommendations

At initial stage, the solution is implemented to client's infrastructure, then analysis of how applications work is carried out. The next step is creating the list of recommendations and configuration of the business applications’ monitoring and preparation of the reports.

Monitoring and control

IT Specialist provides a range of services and offers the opportunity to serve as a remote monitoring center. Specialists of our company perform monitoring, control and implementation of the solution, thus our clients are not required to hire a special division.

The  company IT  specialist provides a range of services and has the opportunity to act as a remote monitoring center

Our advantages


Our team is certified to implement solutions of any level of complexity


IT Specialist has a numerous successfully completed projects in the field of APM.

We offer support of
different types


maintenance of the solution


maintenance of the solution and providing consultations on the operation of customer’s services and applications


includes outsourcing, administration, configuration of monitoring and dashboards parameters, as well as providing regular reports on the status of monitoring and applications that are monitored

and terms

The cost is calculated individually and depends on the number of customer’s services, components and users in the service.

The implementation of the APM system requires at least a month.

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